On 24 January 2010 in “Salvador Dali” restaurant (restaurant complex “Crystal Plaza” of “Caspian Crystal” company) was held the presentation and degustation. The best European wines and delicate dishes of French cuisine made from French delicacy were presented to the attention of guests. The presentation was held by French citizen Mr. Serj Innosenti, Chef and Consultant of “Crystal Plaza” and his colleagues from France – Hamon Denis, General Director of distributor company ”Sa Paris Gastronomie” and Michel Dekorte, General Director of distributor company “La Maison du Foie Gras”.

They put all efforts that guests could have not only pleasure of their favourite dishes but admired by the variety and iniquity of French cuisine. Many dishes were made in past and kind French traditions but some represented the excellent fantasy of French Chef. All guests had the additional opportunity to degustate the traditional French dishes with delicate wines which were given specially for this event by the boutique of exclusive wines “Wine City” of “Caspian Crystal” company. The significance of the event after the official part of presentation was the dialogue between participants and bright impression which we hope will stay in their hearts for a long time. We would like to add to all above indicated, that the sponsors of the event were French companies “Sa Paris Gastronomie” and “Maison du Foie Gras” as well as “Caspian Crystal” company.