At the development period of modern Azerbaijan the significant success has been achieved in the economy. Increase of economic resources and integration process of Azerbaijan economy to world market influenced “Caspian Crystal” company’s first steps effectively.

In the beginning, in 2006, “Caspian Crystal”  company started its activity with restaurant business. Today our company includes four various departments which offer wide range of high-quality services. The activities of these departments facilitate the development of business dealings and increase economic efficiency. We successfully extend our services in the spheres of restaurants, catering, food and beverages.

“Caspian Crystal” company is based on high professionalism, new technologies and corporate management principles.  Our company applies the ISO-22000:2005 standard-a food safety management system on the basis of principles HACCP (Certificate CH10/0718).

Distinguishing feature of “Caspian Crystal”is a real service quality. We commit our resources of ensuring high customer satisfaction through its products and services. “Caspian Crystal” company always takes into account the customers’ wishes.

Our company carefully monitors all important events and activities, participates in programs, new projects and exhibitions.

“Caspian Crystal” annually organizes various degustation of its production in cooperation with foreign partners.  At the same time our company has wide import network of food products and beverages with European countries.

By establishing successful partnership with international companies “Caspian Crystal” company proceeds to integrate into the global economy and to win international recognition in the world market.


Our Mission:  To introduce the best services of top quality and in food, beverage, restaurant and catering business in Azerbaijan market.

Our Service: To supply the population of Azerbaijan with rich assortment of ecologically clean foodstuff, without chemical additives, colorant and GMO.

Our Target: To take significant and international place in the world economy and to represent our services successfully.