Catering is one of the most dynamically developing sectors in public catering sphere.

  • Rendering of contract services in organization of employees feeding of the enterprises and organizations;
  • Restaurant service out of stationary accommodations, organization of public catering arrangement.

Types of Catering

  • Food preparation in accommodation;
  • Food preparation of off-premise (catering);
  • Delivery contract (delivery to office);

The catering can be organized in your accommodation, or we will offer various variants of area which will satisfy your requirements: capacity, location, an interior etc.

We can provide professional catering system with a variety of healthy meal twenty-four-hour, which can admire your personnel and, certainly, will correspond to your budget.

You can modify the given variants of the menu on presence of those or other dishes, and price etc.

Catering Department started its activity with restaurant business in 2006. Catering Department became the executor of large-scale oil projects at the result of rich experience and work potensial in 2009.

“Caspian Crystal” Ltd.  participated in the several tender and large-scale oil projects: “MES –Caspian Basin Accident-RescueService; “Svetlomor-2” – geophysical vessel;

ASCO (ASCO, SPS, SB-3); ATA YARD( AMEC, TEKFEN,AZFEN); Health Sector Reform Project of Ministry of Health;  “Rapid Solutions” ; “HydraSun” company, SOCAR AQS LLS

Caspian Crystal company and ATA consortium (Azfen, Amec,Tekfen) have signed the agreement on July 1 2010 for 10 million AZN – company on building of oil and gas platforms at the sea, personnel consists of 2.400 persons till 3.800 persons in the peak of work / 24 hours food service.

BP-ASCO (supply of drilling units by maintenance resources) personnel consists of 320 persons / lunch-dinner, and head office with hot lunch once in a day -16 persons.

MES (Ministry of Emergency Situations) -  Caspian Basin Accident – Rescue Service, personnel consists of 120 persons. «Svetlomor-2» – a geophysical vessel of MES (Ministry of Emergency Situations) personnel consists of 20 persons and additional crew of “ВР” и “Fugro” during geophysical works 35 persons / 5 times feeding.

Polygraphic company “Indigo” – personnel consists of 87 persons / lunch.

“Saba Cars” – personnel consists of 34 persons the / lunch / dinner.

Karkas Metal Construction factory – personnel consists of 280 persons / lunch.

“Rapid Solutions” – head office and 3 work sites, personnel consists of 120 persons / lunch.

SOCAR- AQS LLS personnel consists of 25-46 persons / lunch

Catering department has the stongest and widest base in Azerbaijan for achieving successful results in these significant projects. Present base is supplied with high-qualitative frozen food-stuff from European well-known brands. This base can keep frozen food-stuff more than 300 tonnage.

We are a professional catering company dedicated providing the best possible service and high-quality food products imported directly from our selected European suppliers!

One of our department’s achievements was Certificate ISO-22000:2005- Food Safety Management firstly in Azerbaijan. On may, 5th, 2010 we have received Certificate ISO-22000:2005- Food Safety Management. During one year   “Caspian Crystal” Ltd together with all staff passed regular preparation and professioanl trainings according to international standards for achieving this certificate.

We are the first catering company could receive this certificate!