Foreign Economic Relations Department of “Caspian Crystal” company is committed to consideration and implementation of various aspects that promote cooperation between “Caspian Crystal” and foreign partners as well as development of international relations. Department is applied for analyzing and forecasting economic impacts of imports, analyzing economic structures, economic performance on specific regions or sectors.  Foreign Economic Relations Department organizes meetings and bilateral negotiations with foreign business committees, participate in conferences.

The main functions of Foreign Economic Relations Department, Caspian Crystal:

  • Participation in elaboration of the foreign economic policy of “Caspian Crystal” company;
  • Cooperation with international organizations and international and regional economic unions;
  • Elaboration of proposals for the development of bilateral regional and multilateral trade relations;
  • Trade balance analysis and elaboration of recommendations;
  • Analysis of implementation of obligations taken through the international agreements, preparation of appropriate conclusions and proposals;
  • Conduct researches on foreign trade, regional economic cooperation and multilateral trade system and their impacts, dynamics and development trend of world economy, as well as the development policies and experiences of major economies