“Caspian Crystal” company has introduced a food safety management system on the basis of principles  HACCP and requirements ISO-22000:2005.

Foodstuffs reach the consumers on chains of delivery which connect set of the organizations. One weak link in such chain is capable to lead to production damage, which can be dangerous for health. There was developed  ISO 22000:2005 for the purpose to except weak links in a technological chain of foodstuff manufacture.

The system is recognized at the international level and for today introduction and application of technique HACCP  in the food-processing industry is obligatory in the countries of the European Union, USA, Canada and others.

Application of international standard ISO 22000:2005 in the company – food safety has begun since the end of 2009. Thereupon there were regular various trainings and seminars in the company which were held with participation of the expert from the international consulting company SIDUS – madam Sadaf Bagirova, and also audits, with participation of the madam by Victoria Prishchepa (the auditor of the company SGS - Société Générale de Surveillance – the international company which is engaged in an independent expert appraisal, certification and laboratory researches).

On May 5, 2010 after long and persistent work we have received Certificate ISO 22000:2005 – Food Safety Management System.